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Kayaking & Paddle Tours

Kayaking & Paddle Tours


Take up a paddle and enjoy some therapeutic, first-hand experiences with nature with our Kayak tours! Be it with a large group, your family, or just you and a friend or your special other, we can provide everyone with an unforgettable experience paddling across gorgeous tropical waterscapes.

Our Kayak Tours of the Damas Mangrove Forest will provide you with a guided, educational experience among the mangrove roots, where you'll not only observe first-hand, but also learn more about the bountiful life that recides in, around, and atop them, as well as the vital importance of mangrove ecosystems like ours to the wider world.

Our Ocean Kayaking & Snorkeling Tour will take you to the waters along Quepos' and Manuel Antonio's coastline, where you'll be paddling alongside a group of guides and fellow tourists, and unlike the Mangrove tour, you'll also get the chance to dive in and swim with the local wildlife!