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Naturalist Boat Excursions

Naturalist Boat Excursions


We probably don't need to tell you this, but Costa Rica's waterscapes are just as beautiful as its landscapes. Our selection of boat excursions will let you visit and learn more about these vast ecosystems, all while having fun alongside our crew!

Set sail and party with us on Iguana Tour's Custom Catamaran! There will be music, good food and a great view of Manuel Antonio waiting for you on board. You'll get some time to relax and swim off board in the pristine waters of Biezans Bay and, along the way, there's a chance we'll come across several pods of whales and dolphins swimming alongside us. 

Our Damas Mangrove Boat Tours will take you along the waterways of the Damas Island's Mangrove Forest, in search of all kinds of exotic wildlife that call this magical ecosystem their home. Wether you choose a day or nighttime tour, we'll be sure to provide you a fun, laid back, and educational trip.