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Whitewater Rafting

Aventuras de Rafting


Feeling adventurous? Come along with us on a heart-pumping adventure down the Savegre and Naranjo rivers!

Conquer the waves with your fellow rafters, weave around rock outcrops and driftwood, and come back to shore safe and sound (though a bit soaked), where a warm, fresh lunch will be waiting for you!

Our world-class, internationally-trained, bilingual guides and safety kayakers will expertly guide and teach you how to navigate through this exciting river experience!

Both rivers can provide you with different levels of challenge. The Savegre River is known for it's Class II-III rapids and is ideal for less experienced rafters.

On the other hand, the Naranjo River, with its Class III-IV rapids (available from May to October), is sure to provide more experienced enthusiasts with the adrenaline they're looking for!